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WhatsApp’s important security upgrade to chat-backups

WhatsApp is working on its new password-protected encrypted backups feature where it’ll allow you to back up the password-protected encryption in the cloud so your chats can be kept secure.

With its recent announcement about the latest changes to privacy policies, WhatsApp may have caused controversy, but one thing security-minded users have gotten used to is the end-to-end encryption idea. In this way, keeping chats secured to make sure that WhatsApp couldn’t read the chat and they should be private even if it wanted to read.

But when it comes to end-to-end encryption, there’s one area where WhatsApp falls down, that’s when backing up chats.

Whereas WhatsApp does chat databases encrypt backups, it’s the absence of end-to-end encryption that has tensed numerous users for some time. At present, the chat backup features don’t provide end-to-end encryption protection when iCloud or Google Drive is backing up, however that’s almost going to change.

For backing up chats, the algorithm is used, and its reversible, which means it would be possible to access messages for a third party.

These most recent reports about the feature come as the reputation of WhatsApp has taken a shot from another privacy policy, which has stoked fears that with parent company Facebook, it may store information.

However, WhatsApp insists that the updated policy doesn’t affect the user’s personal messages security, rival text services such as Telegram and Signal have considered a to be in interest as users explore different options. Now in the development, users will have the option to choose their own password with the system to encrypt cloud backups; therefore only account holder can access them.

iOS and Android users will soon get password-protected backup where the user’s phone number will require to confirm the encryption process.

The way that WhatsApp is looking to support security in this manner isn’t altogether new information, even we knew something of it a year ago. Now, the ever-reliable WABetaInfo has also shown some security feature screenshot of iOS and Android versions on twitter.

The official date for this important security feature isn’t revealed yet.